My card reader is not responding or powering on. What can I do?

If the Card Reader is not responding or powering on (even when plugged into the charger), or doesn’t start-up or should you have any further issues please contact our 24/7 contact centre for assistance at

Updating the Card Reader Software

For updating your YouCloud uCube card reader, you can contact our customer care support at

Connecting a Card Reader (Android Phone)

The card reader and your tablet are wirelessly connected using a Bluetooth connection.

Your card reader comes with a wall charger and a USB cable. Before the card reader’s first use you should charge it for 8 hours to properly condition the batteries.

To turn your card reader on, press and hold the power button on the right-side of the device.

Once the uCube Card Reader has the power on, connect the uCube Card Reader to your Android phone via Bluetooth:

  1. Connect using your Android phone

You need to access the Android Settings menu to scan for the card reader. Make sure your phone is close to the card reader and open the Settings menu on your tablet. Turn Bluetooth on and scan for Bluetooth devices within range.

Look at the list of Bluetooth devices that you have detected and identify your uCube card reader’s name (Your card reader’s name can be found bottom of the back of the uCube card reader).

Select your card reader from the list and you will be asked to enter a PIN to confirm the connection. The PIN you require is displayed on the card reader’s screen.

Please note this is not the same PIN as used for your account. This PIN only relates to the card reader connection process.

Enter the PIN into your phone and the connection should be complete. The uCube card reader should report that the connection was successful. If you were not able to connect your device, make sure that the card reader is in pairing mode (reactivate from the Settings menu if necessary) and scan again.

  1. Connect the uCube card reader to YouCloud MPOS Applpication

Once there is a successful Bluetooth connection, the card reader can now be use to accept card payments with YouCloud MPOS Application. Launch the app on your phone and do a card transaction. You will be asked to connect uCube Card Reader that is paired with your Android Mobile Device.

YouCloud MPOS App User Guide

Download and review the YouCloud MPOS User Guide here.