You are able to refund a sale directly from the mobile app.

We do not currently support partial refunds. If you process a refund it will be for all the items you originally sold. If you process a refund, please be sure to have enough funds in your bank account to avoid extra fees. Transaction fees for the original purchase will not be refunded.

If a customer wishes to return a product, you can process a refund from the mobile app.

  1. Tap the Void icon at the right side of the payment screen, next to UPI Payment, below Sale by Cash.
  2. Enter the amount and the invoice number of transaction to be voided and tap on Proceed button.
  3. App will generate the history items based on the entered Invoice number. Once the Invoice has been generated, tap on the Void Button below of the details button.
  4. Connect uCube device, insert the bankcard of the customer and enter the PIN. Once the transaction has been approved, remove bankcard and the transaction has been successful.


If a customer was dissatisfied with a purchase they made from you, they may contact their card issuer to initiate a chargeback.

A chargeback happens when a customer has contacted their card issuer with a complaint relating to a charge they have incurred. The customer’s card issuer will decide whether a chargeback should be issued.

If the card issuer issues a chargeback, YouCloud must process it and return the full amount of the funds to the customer’s card issuer.

If you believe that a chargeback has been issued unfairly and would like to dispute it, please contact customer support at